Legal Documents


What is an affidavit?

An Affidavit is a written document to be presented to a court as evidence. An Affidavit must contain a personal and factual account of events in numbered paragraphs relating directly to the issue to be decided upon by the court or tribunal.

The Affidavit’s contents should also only include information that is directly related to the issue to be decided.

An Affidavit is sworn or affirmed by the deponent before an authorised person.

Each court and tribunal has a specific format for the Affidavit. When witnessing an Affidavit, the Authorised Witness will:
  • Quickly examine the Affidavit to ensure that it is neat and legible and does not contain any blank spaces which could be filled in after swearing. A witness is not required to read the document in detail; in fact, it could be inappropriate to do so;/
  • Confirm the deponent understands the content of the affidavit and the nature of the oath/affirmation;
  • Ensure the deponent signs the affidavit before the oath/affirmation is taken;
  • Endorse any exhibits that are attached to the affidavit;
  • Complete a Jurat at the end of the document, which sets out the place of swearing the affidavit and the date on which it was sworn.

Help Us Help You

  • Bring the completed, but unsigned, Affidavit;
  • Bring photographic identification e.g. Driver’s Licence; Working with Children Card;