FAQ Page

National Police Check

1. Will the Justice of the Peace fill in the National Police Check for me?

No. The Justice of the Peace will certify your identity photocopies (providing you bring the original documents), witness you signing your application and complete the “Certifier’s Declaration” on your application form.

2. Can I sign my declaration before seeing the Justice of the Peace?

No, the Justice of the Peace must witness you signing your application.

3. Where do I get a copy of the National Police Check Application form?

The application form can be found on the Police Victoria website.

4. Do I need to copy both sides of the original documents I need to send with my National Police Check application?

Yes, particularly if there is anything on the reverse side.

5. If the photocopied copies are not clear what will happen?

You will probably be asked to re-copy your original documents.

6. Can I copy all my original documents on the one page?

Yes, providing each individual document is copied clearly and there is space for the Justice of the Peace to certify each photocopy without covering any relevant or required features.

7. What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your completed application form, your original documents and your photocopied copies of your original documents.

8. I can’t get to the required 100 points, what do I need to do?

Ring the Advice Line for assistance 1300 881 596