FAQ Page

Certified Documents

1. Will the Justice of the Peace photocopy my documents?

Probably not.

2. Do I need to copy both sides of the original documents I need to send with my application?

Yes, particularly if there is anything on the reverse side.

3. Do I need to bring the original document to the JP?


4. What if I miss the edge of the document when I photocopy it?

You will need to re-copy the document. The photocopy MUST be a true, complete and clear copy of the original document.

5. Do I need to photocopy of the back of the document even if there’s only a few numbers on it?


6. Can I copy all my original documents on the one page?

Yes, providing that all the documents (both sides where appropriate) are copied clearly and there is enough space for the Justice of the Peace to certify each photocopy separately without covering any relevant or required features/information on each copy.

7. What if the copy is not clear?

You will need to re-copy the document.

8. What if I have a large number of photocopies to be certified?

It would be best to make an appointment with a Justice of the Peace by contacting a Justice of the Peace through one of the services listed above. If you are attending a Document Signing Centre, you may be interrupted to allow others to have their needs met or be asked to wait.

9. Can I bring my daughter’s copies to be certified?

Yes, as long as you bring the original documents and the photocopies with you the Justice of the Peace will be able to certify the copies for your daughter.

10. I need to have my bank statement certified as a true copy to present with my application. I receive my bank statements on the internet, is it alright if I print a copy from my computer and copy that to be certified?

Unfortunately no. Unless you obtain an accreditation stamp of the statement from your bank. If you have the bank’s accreditation, yes the Justice of the Peace will be certifing your copy for you.