FAQ Page

Births, Deaths & Marriages

1. Can all Justice of the Peaces certify my documents which are to be sent to Birth Death & Marriages, Victoria?

No, only specifically trained and authorised Justice of the Peaces who are volunteering their services in a police station.

2. Where do I get the application forms for Births, Deaths & Marriages?

You will be able to download a blank application forms to complete by visiting the Births, Death & Marriages Victoria website.

You are able to either print off the applications or complete and submit via the internet. If you apply via the internet, you will still need to have your supporting documents certified by a Justice of the Peace.

3. Can I copy all my original documents on the one page?

Yes, providing each individual document is photocopied clearly and there is space for the Justice of the Peace to certify the photocopy without covering any relevant or required features.

4. Do I need to copy both sides of the original document?

Yes, particularly if there is anything on the reverse side.

5. If the photocopied copies are not clear what will happen?

You will be asked to re-copy your original documents.